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"A noteworthy track is the hip-hop styled lyrics of Shine coupled with an R&B beat to create a beautiful duality" - Rose Basu, Shiftermagazine



Bad Boy Outside (BBO), a música tem uma levada interessante e muito gostosa"

"Realmente é uma música que tem uma mensagem forte, não somente no seu som como também em sua letra"

-Ricardo Rodrigues, Roadie Music


Spontaneity at its best

- Rose Basu, Shiftermagazine



"Magic to our ears, smooth vocals and infinite grooves"

- Global Media Afrobeats

Pa.II is one of those talents that can't quite be categorized into a box. With soft yet strong vocals, thought provoking lyrics, intricate beat production as markers of his work; it is no wonder he has command of many genres and musical styles. His work is themed with romance, devotion and a proclivity for bluster.
The Nigerian born singer/songwriter, producer and engineer has blossomed into a distinct talent, his sound- a blend of genres (R&B, Dancehall, hip-hop and Afrobeats primarily) making for a versatile creative. Pa.II’s self assurance and sensual nature lends itself heavily to his endearing sound. Pa.II first got on the scene with a three part self produced EP- ILLAH X,Y,Z in 2014 while living in Toronto, shortly after which he launched Nyama Nyama Sound. Juggling his architectural studies, he released a sophomore EP in 2018 and another in 2021.
But 2023 has been his best year yet, seeing him perform at Northern Lights Festival Boreal, River & Sky Fest, West Nippissing, UpHere Festival, Afrofest Sudbury and many more.
Now a full time creative, his new project with out stand out track like Husband Material and Collect, promises to uncover a resolute yearning for a romance, the allure of love, personal determination to secure affairs of the heart. ILLAH U will solidify Pa.II as an Undeniable talent making Unforgettable music.
ILLAH U is set to be released on all streaming platforms via Nyama Nyama Sound on November 1st 2023.

/Pea Ayy The Second/


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COLLECT in studio live  PA.II x Nyama Nyama Sound Afrobeats/Highlife 2023

COLLECT in studio live PA.II x Nyama Nyama Sound Afrobeats/Highlife 2023

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Wallet - PA.II (Live Performance)| Nyama Nyama Sound Studio

Wallet - PA.II (Live Performance)| Nyama Nyama Sound Studio

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