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Oga Na Thief - Pa.II

Pa.II starts off the year with a track that pushes the envelope

Oga Na Thief PA.II

Pa.II takes us on a political journey with his new song. He starts the post-election discussion with his new track- OGA NA THIEF! The statement is direct, accusatory and expressive.


Leaning more towards grating critique than somber post election reflection, Pa.II expresses his feelings of displeasure and disappointment in light of the recently concluded Presidential elections in Nigeria.


This "Diss piece" is germane given the current happenings in Africa's largest nation, capturing in vivid detail his contemplation, reservations and disdain of the apparent outcomes, on an intricate yet bold beat.


Even the beautifully controversial cover art for OGA NA THIEF further sells the potent story - immersive in nature, it sets the tone for an enrapturing listening experience and ensures the track lives on in your memory. This one time, you CAN judge a song by its cover!

Oga Na Thief Lyrics by Pa.II (P A the second) Thief! Thief!! Thief!!! Oga Na Thief Thief wey dey wear agbada (Thief) Oga Na Thief Thief wey dey wear kaftan (Thief) Yeah, Uhn Oga Na Thief Verse I’m from country where our leaders dey steal No be 1k 2k them dey move 10million Dollars From the land of our mothers Take one, take two, empty out the coffers You know say na we self we dey kill Mandem Kpo Kpo Kpo Sell you out for a deal Fill them shokoto with the tears of our daughters We no fit talk who the fuck gon support us Talk you go die No talk you go die too Y’all niggas sleep Be like the tse tse fly bite you Oga na thief - y’all voted for the bala blu Went from half dead to a motherfucking oracle Wetin man go do ? Shit's pitiful 12 states what a motherfucking miracle Fuck 12 una watch as Ee dey mezebu Olu Omo dey para na then una dey get muscle pull Oga Na Thief Thief wey dey wear agbada (Thief) Oga Na Thief Thief wey dey wear kaftan (Thief) Yeah, Uhn Oga Na Thief


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