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NYAMA NYAMA SOUND is a music company housing a number of artists, producers and creatives. Founded in 2014 by Patrick Pillah [PA.II] with the goal of providing an authentic audio experience and a unique sound, NYAMA NYAMA SOUND set out to curate and release a series of projects that reflect this intent and collaborate with acts sharing the same goal.

NYAMANYAMASOUND.COM aims to provide a hub for well curated tracks, instrumentals, samples and sound-packs. We also offer hybrid mixing and mastering services, flexible recording and consultation sessions and much more- there is something for everyone.

PA.II began singing at the tender age of 7, recording his first song at 12. He started as a member of a duo, P Diamond and later founded YC (Yoop Cast), an artist initiative made up of pre-teen and teenage singers, rappers and their supporters while in high school. It was behind this assembly that he released songs like 'Hot Girl' and 'The Way You Whine' in 2010. After his move to Canada at 17, he established  Zero Music Group (ZMG)  alongside Ehiz Omokhui operating out of Toronto and Oshawa, under which the concept- "ILLAH" was born. Following some production work for local acts such as Grant Chris and international acts like Lady Donli, at 19 he put out the first installment to the ILLAH concept as a trilogy in 2014- ILLAH X, Y and Z.  NYAMA NYAMA SOUND was launched shortly after and has been the home to an LP- Nyamanyama Exp and another EP- ILLAH V.

PA.II Patrick Pillah

"A noteworthy track is the hip-hop styled lyrics of Shine coupled with an R&B beat to create a beautiful duality" - Rose Basu, Shiftermagazine




Bad Boy Outside (BBO), a música tem uma levada interessante e muito gostosa"

"Realmente é uma música que tem uma mensagem forte, não somente no seu som como também em sua letra"

-Ricardo Rodrigues, Roadie Music


 Spontaneity at its best

- Rose Basu, Shiftermagazine




"Magic to our ears, smooth vocals and infinite grooves"

- Global Media Afrobeats

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